Certified Public Accountant, New Jersey
Manny Forlenza CPA

Refer-A-Friend Program

The program is simple, I will pay you $25 for every friend or relative you refer to me for tax or accounting services. To qualify, your friend or relative must be a paying new client (one that didn’t have their tax return prepared by me last year.)

When your friend or relative comes in to have their taxes prepared this year, not only will I give you $25 for the referral, but I will give your friend or relative $25 OFF any tax preparation service. The Refer-A-Friend program rewards everyone.

Just think of all the people you know. I bet you can think of at least 20 people that used another tax or accounting service last year. Do the math; 20 x $25 = $500. You’ll probably think of a lot more people once you start collecting money from me. By using the Refer-A-Friend slips, you can probably make enough money to cover the cost of a weekend getaway.

Below is a Refer-A-Friend form. On the form, fill out your name and address, and the name of your friend or relative you are referring. There is no maximum to the number of referral you can make. As an extra incentive, for every 10 qualified (paying new clients) Refer-A-Friend forms I receive from you, I will give you an additional $75! So if 30 qualified Refer-A-Friend slips come back to me with your name on them, I’ll give you $975 cash! (30 x $25 = $750, plus incentives 3 x $75 = $225, for a total of $975.)

Thank you for your participation in the Refer-A- Friend program. Just fill out the information below, print this page and have your friend return this to my office when they come in for their appointment.