Certified Public Accountant, New Jersey
Manny Forlenza CPA

Business and Accounting Services

My staff and I have many years of extensive professional experience primarily geared toward small and medium sized businesses. We have a very personal and professional approach designed to provide the best service at the most reasonable rates. Everyone in my organization including receptionists, secretaries, consultants, accountants, and tax personnel become a part of your team when you join our firm. My firm comes to your place of business, either monthly or quarterly, to review your results and plan for your future while at the same time, considering the uncertainties and complexities of the future.

The features of my service include:

  • Monthly or Quarterly Profit and Loss Statements - I will help you monitor your business better, allowing you to see trends developing, and help you plan for the future.
  • Unlimited Discussion of Your Accounting and Business-Related Questions by Phone or at Our Office - Use me as a sounding board in all important financial decisions. I will help you make the right decisions and help you understand the new tax laws.
  • Timely Preparation of All State and Federal Tax Forms - I will give you peace of mind knowing your tax reports are correct and filed on time, while saving you money in penalties and interest for late filing.
  • Pick Up and Delivery of Your Accounting Records - Convenience, my firm comes to you each month or quarter.
  • Tax Planning and Preparation - The more you make, the more the IRS will want to take. I will show you how to keep more legally.

As I stated right from the beginning, my promise to you is simple, “I will give you the very best accounting and tax service, become part of your tax team, and help achieve your financial goals.” My guarantee to you is even better, “If you are not completely satisfied with my accounting and tax services, I will refund 100% of your money plus, I will pay you $200.00 for your time and effort.”

Call my office today to schedule a FREE 30 Minute "Guaranteed-To-Save-Money" Small Business Review consultation, PLUS a FREE Money Saving "Double Check" Review of Your Prior Year's Tax Return. Call me at (973) 661-2900.