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Small Business Owners: How You Can and Must Protect Your Business From The IRS If You Have Payroll Tax Problems!

If you own any type of small business and have IRS Payroll Tax troubles, then you’re in danger of losing your business every day.This Special Report will provide you with the information you need to know to get some peace of mind.

As you probably already know, being in hot water with the IRS over payroll taxes is the worst. You want to look forward to running your company in the future and bringing home the profits you deserve.But if the IRS puts you in a headlock how are you and your family going to survive? Read on and I show you how.

You see the IRS really doesn’t care if you or your employees are out on the street.In fact, it makes their job easier!Less paperwork and another closed business.

That’s business as usual at the IRS.It's unfortunate that the IRS employee you are dealing with now or will be shortly has no clue what it’s like to be in your shoes.Even worse, they don’t even care.You know what it’s like to try to have employees rely on you to make payroll, even when you're not going to get a paycheck yourself because there isn’t enough money to go around.

The IRS employee you’ll be dealing with couldn’t make a payroll if their life depended on it!They just don’t get this entrepreneur thing because they have a government job and always will.Can you imagine what would happen to them in the real world, running a small business and trying to make ends meet along with keeping the government happy?They wouldn’t last a month.

Unfortunately, your company is going to have to deal with such a narrow-minded person and attempt to convince them they should leave you alone and let you pay them when you have the money.Well let me tell you, it’s an uphill battle.You’re going to have to first educate them on how your business works.I mean really explain it to them in detail because they just don’t understand.

Heck, they can’t even fathom why you’re in business anyway, so how are they supposed to understand your unique business?Or even worse, why should they even try? You see, it’s easier for that kind of person to simply seize your business assets and close you down versus learning about your business.

It seems wrong, because it is!Nobody should have the right to just walk in and close you down, but the IRS does!

DID YOU SEE THE IRS HEARINGS ON TV?DID YOU SEE WHAT THEY ADMITTED TO DOING TO SMALL BUSINESS OWNERS?It was sad to be an American that day, to think that the IRS does this to its own citizens.What about the stuff you never hear about?You know the little business owner that simply disappears?What happens to them and their families?Does the IRS ever lay off or are they in the tank for good?

Well from what I’ve seen, the IRS doesn’t lay off.What they usually do to small business owners is liquidate all of their business assets and then come after them personally.

You see they aren’t happy enough with just ruining your business life and all your employees lives, they have regulations that allow them to come after all your personal assets as well.

Just when you thought it couldn’t possibly get any worse, they make a run at your family checking account and take every last cent to pay off your now old closed business payroll taxes!

Talk about a raw deal

There is no other financial problem you can get into with your business that has such devastating effects on you and your family for such a long time.I mean, normal creditors either accept a lesser amount or simply write it off.But not the IRS, they keep pushing and pushing and kicking you when you’re down.Why do they do this?Is it because they enjoy it?Or is it because they just don’t care?I believe it has something to do with the fact that IRS Management gives them too many cases to work on at once.So they’re forced to close a certain number of small businesses to keep up with the caseload.

It's not even close to fair.But that’s the way it is!I mean you’re out there trying as hard as you can to keep your head above water and now you have to fight off an IRS employee who has a quota to reach.

You know most people just don’t try to get in payroll tax problems on purpose.I haven’t ever had a small business owner tell me that they woke up in the morning and said, “Hey I’m going to screw the IRS out of their payroll taxes!”No, it just kind of happens.

It usually starts off with missing one payroll tax deposit and then another and another until you reach the point where you get so scared of how much you owe in missed payroll tax deposits, that you stop filing payroll tax returns.It’s not because you want to, it’s just that you don’t know what else to do.

You know payroll tax problems are kind of a hard thing to explain to anyone, especially when they figured you were making the payroll deposits right along.

And the worse thing is that it’s probably not your fault.Any number of factors, all of which are usually outside of your control, most likely caused the cash flow problem that caused the shortfall in cash for the payroll tax deposits.I’ve seen small businesses get into payroll tax problems caused by all kinds of things.For example, your biggest customer doesn’t pay you on time; you get a bad check from a customer, unexpected repairs on business assets, bad weather, poor economy, a new competitor has totally changed the marketplace and so on.How are you supposed to control all these outside variables?

The answer is you can’t.You just have to do the best you can!Often the best thing you can do when you get into payroll tax trouble with the IRS is to…

…avoid talking with or meeting with them yourself.Don't let them talk to anybody on your staff.Their simple little questions are nothing more than a fishing trip in which you and your company are the fish.

The IRS employee assigned to your case would like nothing more than for you to be very scared and intimidated by the IRS overall and answer all of their probing questions.Questions like, "Where do you bank?""I need a list of all your Accounts Receivables with addresses and phone numbers.""What assets does the company own?""Where are they?""How much cash do you have?"What is going in these initial contacts is that the IRS is sizing you up.To see how much money they can shake out of you before you know what hit you.

Believe me, they don't care that your receivables or current cash is already spoken for, they want it all and they want it now!What I learned from helping small business owners deal with IRS payroll tax problems is that the business owner must stay out of the communications with the IRS.No matter what their intentions are for paying back the IRS, they should not be providing financial information to the IRS.

Before the IRS employee speaks with a business owner, the IRS employee should be required to say "everything you tell me will be used against you in any manner I see fit!"At least the business owner might wake up and realize how serious the IRS employee is about getting paid in full, today.

Okay, you know you shouldn't be talking to anyone from the IRS.So how are you going to get rid of them before they get rid of you and your business?The best and only way is to use a competent third party to represent you in front of the IRS.Someone who understands the seriousness of IRS payroll tax problems and can help you develop a game plan that allows you to keep your business.

This third party must take the time to understand you and your business, so they can formulate a workable deal with the IRS.You must work with the third party to teach them all the important facts that makes your business unique.Time is of the essence!If the IRS is already breathing down your back, you should act fast to avoid any unpleasant IRS encounters.Having time on your side is very valuable.

Many small business owners wait until the IRS is literally standing in the business lobby or even worse standing at the front door of the business owner's home.

You see the IRS employee is not interested in learning about your small business.They would rather liquidate your assets and close you down, than try to learn how you could pay off the payroll taxes with a little time.On the other hand, your third party representative would take the time to learn how you can pay off the IRS without strangling your business cash flow or selling off important assets.

Your third party representative can also attempt to get the IRS to drop the huge penalties that all business owners incur with payroll tax problems.Any of these penalties can be reduced to zero, if you know how and who to ask!

The IRS employee assigned to your case is not going to be interested in discussing ways to avoid penalties.They couldn't care less about how you got into payroll tax problems and they certainly are not going to help you get rid of any penalties.You must protect yourself from this type of IRS attitude and obtain a third party representative to look out for you, your business and your family.

Hoping that the IRS is "nice" to you and waiting until it's too late to get help is an easy way to lose your business.The clients I represent with payroll tax problems have the opportunity to continue running their business while I negotiate some type of repayment schedule they can live with...

My goal is to make my clients life as comfortable as possible during this stressful period.I try to put their IRS problems on my back.

If you are worried about current IRS payroll problems, or will be in the near future when the IRS shows up at your business or home, then you should visit with me now!You can meet with me for FREE and learn what options are available to you, your family and your business.

Many business owners use my firm to get some peace of mind as they put their business back on track.The last thing most business owners need is the IRS in their face every day.Especially when they know that the IRS would rather close them versus help them.

You Can Have The Peace of Mind And Security You Dream Of

But listen, you're going to have to call for a Free Consultation.Every IRS payroll tax problem is different and the sooner you get some ideas on how to solve yours, the better you'll be sleeping.

Call my office today at (866) 477-0003 and let us know you read this report and need an appointment for a FREE initial consultation ASAP.You can get all your questions answered for Free and leave my office with some peace of mind!

Don’t pay the IRS any more money on past due payroll taxes until you meet with us.Any checks you’re writing now could be used to help structure a better deal for you.Call me today at (866) 477-0003, what have you got to lose except a few minutes of your time and you may save your business from the IRS!


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